Saturday, May 27, 2023
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The 7-Minute Guide to Getting More Email Subscribers


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More Subscribers = More Money

Did you know that if you properly market to your email list, you can easily make $1 per person on that list?

Yes, that’s the standard mantra in the business and that means if you have an email list of 700 people, you can make an extra $700/month. If you have 4,000 people, that an extra $4,000 per month.

So why not start growing your list?

If you have set up your email list, congratulations!

A lot of online marketers “plan” to put up their squeeze page and set up their list but somehow never get around to doing it. You actually did it, congratulations. Pat yourself on the back.

You’re reading this report because you’re probably wishing that your list converted a lot more of your traffic into subscribers. I’m going to walk you through a simple process of optimizing your list in a systematic and methodical way.

A lot of guides out there try to sell you on the concept of split testing. The way they have it set up is bound to fail.

Think about this… a year from now, you could have an extra 1,000 people on your list. Would an extra $1,000/month change anything for you?

If you finally want to succeed at building your email list, give this guide a try! Add it to your cart and start building that list!