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How to Block Naughty Websites in Less Than 5 Minutes


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“How to Block Phishing & Porn Sites for Free in Less Than 5 Minutes”

For just $7.99, I’m 100% confident you’ll be able to block naughty websites immediately after reading this short book.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Blocks Websites Categorized as: Tasteless, Proxy/Anonymizer, Sexuality, and Pornography
  • Blocks Virtually All Phishing and Porn Websites
  • Works for Homes and Offices
  • Works on Computers, Laptops, Phones, Tablets, Gaming
  • Great for Families With Kids
  • Covers Your Entire Network – ANY Device Connected
  • Can Easily Be Added to Devices That Leave Your Network
  • Takes Less Than 5 Minutes to Set Up – Just 3 Easy Steps
  • Set Up Once and It Keeps Running
  • No Monthly Fees – It’s Free

Protect your family and devices now.

Because I’m so confident, if you don’t immediately feel you got 10x the value of your $7.99 investment, I’ll give you back your money.


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