Sunday, September 17, 2023
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Just an Awesome Headline Swipe File


“Before You Write Another Article, Read This”

“Five Tricks You Should Know to Sell Your Product”

“How We Sold 3 Times as Many Products With One, Simple Change”

What you see above are good headlines. They either create open loops or make you want to find out more. That is what a good headline should do!

Before writing another blog post, sales page, or even product name, use one of these headline templates instead to increase clicks, reads, sales, and conversions on your website. Words matter.

You only have seconds to grab someone’s interest.

The headline of your page needs to do that or people will click away. They will. If you can improve the headlines of your page – along with page titles on your website, when people see your website come up as a result, they’ll click!

They click because it’s compelling.

Compelling means they’ll feel like they’re missing out if they don’t go and read what you have to say. That’s the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) that helps you get clicks.

Isn’t time you put this powerful practice to use for yourself?

When you get clicks, Google brings you up in rankings!

Yes, even if you’re not testing the page titles of your website (and you should be), Google is! They want to know what gets people’s attention and what pages are good results.

Google wants to give the best results, so they look for things like:

  • A fast-loading website
  • Original content full of good information
  • How many clicks your links gets in their results
  • How long people stay on your page

When Google sees people clicking on your link and staying on your page, they move you up in the rankings! For that to happen, you need a headline that will compel people to click.

It all starts with the page headline.

Now’s your chance to grab this book and use what marketers have been doing for decades… heck, even since there were printed words. If you don’t apply these headlines to your pages, your competition eventually will – giving them an unfair advantage.

You get 137 headline templates, which means you can easily swap your keyword in and you then have a great headline. Sure, not all will work for every situation, but they’re meant to be a starting point to help you get some great headlines on your website.

  • Just copy, paste, and edit.
  • Winning headlines can be at your fingertips.

Just select a headline, copy it, paste it, and change out a couple words to get more clicks. These expertly written headlines do all the work for you.

Copywriters Won’t Tell You This Secret!

Every copywriter on the planet has a swipe file, which helps them write great copy each time. They don’t go back to the drawling board with every new project… no way! They take what works and they just keep reusing it… that’s their secret!

For just $1, you can start changing headlines on your blog articles, HTML page titles (what appear in Google), product listing, and more. A headline that captures people’s attention is guaranteed to increase conversions… that’s really just a fact / common sense.

You’re only risking $1 (there’s no trick… that is what this costs) and the information in this book is worth thousands when you realize what it can do for your business.

Add this item to your cart now so you don’t miss out!