Sunday, September 17, 2023
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Has the printing press been re-invented? No… well, maybe!

WordPress 5.0 includes the new Gutenberg editor, which lets you edit your content in blocks. It’s different from the old editor and a little scary at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s not difficult at all. To take that first step, though, you need a good coach and that is what this short course is all about.

We’ll walk you through not just the editor but through installing WordPress as well. Here’s all this very valuable video course includes:

1. Overview
2. Installing WordPress
3. Basics of WordPress
4. Backing Up Your WordPress Site
5. Upgrading to WordPress 5.0
6. Finding Compatible Themes
7. Using the Default Theme
8. The Editor Layout – Part 1
9. The Editor Layout – Part 2
10. Adding Blocks
11. Customizing Blocks
12. Manipulating Blocks – Part 1
13. Manipulating Blocks – Part 2
14. Adding and Customizing Text
15. Adding Images
16. Adding Lists
17. Adding Videos
18. Adding Audio
19. Image Overlay
20. Conclusion